Soul Word Channelling – Unleash positive transformation and soul healing

What does your Higher Self yearn to heal, enabling you to reclaim the flow of your life?
For 3 months, 6 months or 12 months


In this psychic reading, I see what wants to develop in your soul plan in the coming months.
My channelling shows you your soul theme and will help you to recognise and use new paths and opportunities. I will give you clear impulses as to what your soul guidance wants to achieve in your life in the coming months.

You will be encouraged and strengthened and will overcome your crisis with the help of your soul power words.

Your soul power words will take you by the hand and give you spiritual and mental support to heal your soul and lay the foundation for positive change.


Energy transfer of your soul power words:
During the channelling I am connected to your energy field and transmit the powerful energy vibrations of your soul words into your energy field to promote harmonious resonance and positive changes.
I go through each month of the year before you and send divinely encouraging, light-filled and loving energies into your energy field. You don’t have to do anything, just receive.

I will give you clear impulses as to what your soul guidance would like to achieve in your life in the coming months.


What: Soul Power Word Channelling. Consultation is in writing.
How: The channelling is written and on an energy level.


Choose the period of time

3 Months:    € 130
6 Months:    € 160
12 Months:  € 190

Payment: Advance payment
After receiving payment, your Channelling will be sent to you within 1–3 days by email.

Duration: Time that I plan for your channelling: 1–2 hours (remote viewing, depending on the choice of channelling)






If you have any questions before booking, please send me a message to

For the Channelling please tell me: your name and birth date.


The monthly channelling is a blind reading. This means that I will do the channelling without any request or intention on your part. I receive what the divine source, your soul guidance, wants to bring about for you in the coming months.


Your soul message will accompany you and you will be able to see how things in your life will regulate and harmonise.
The wonderful impulses in this reading will help you in many ways to change your life positively in the coming months and to realise your innermost wishes.

They will help you to connect with new energy fields, allowing healing and restoration to take place.
The soul power word channelling is a spiritual and mental help for you to experience the changes that your soul desires.

Partnership, family, contacts, work, vocation, finances, self-realisation, self-expression, creativity, fitness, relaxation, well-being.
Which area is important to you? Through the channelling you will receive the soul strengthening that is important to you now.

At the same time, your soul words are a miraculous energetic method with which you can achieve what your heart desires.
Receive wisdom in your affairs and a loving guide for your further steps to experience positive changes.








„Dear Sandra. Today I would like to give you some personal feedback on the work you did for me at the beginning of the year. I ordered an annual channelling from you at the time.
And the soul words accompanied me favourably through a very stressful year.
Thank you very much for that.“
Claudia Hamann


The annual reading was so accurate and has accompanied me throughout the year. The soul power words were always a great help to me. 😊
Even though I didn’t know at the beginning why things were going to get so crazy towards the end of the year, the description couldn’t be more fitting.

Heike Wech






Would you like your personalised energy healing circle picture for energetic support?

You can use your energy circle healing picture in many different ways. It supports you in holding the good energy vibrations and brings about distant healing energies without any action on your part.
The energy circle is an image file that you can print out and hang up. You can save the image on your mobile phone or screen. You can also energise your drinking water or food with the energy vibrations of your healing circle. Please also let me know your date of birth.

The energy healing picture with your soul power word and your soul colour is a wonderful and magical energetic companion for your soul path.

You can book your energy healing circle directly with it. I will then send you the image file (png file) together with your channelling by email.

Price: 45 €