Welcome, I am glad you want to know more about me

My name is Sandra Planck. I am a spiritual teacher and mindset coach.

My heart’s desire is to remind you that there is an infinite divine intelligence resting within you, ready to unfold and develop a loving relationship with you. The inner divine presence, your higher self is always accessible to you and wants to support you on your life path in all areas.

For more than twenty years I have been accompanying women to strengthen their faith and trust in this inner divine source and to discover its creative power. Healing their souls, overcoming challenges and directing their lives into positive change.




After the birth of my son, in the mid 90’s I began my search for my own personal spirituality and especially for the questions of life „where from“ and „where to“.
On this journey, I found the divine source of all being, which I lovingly refer to as „Father“ or God. Here I found peace and strength for my life, a place of refueling and inner strength.

I am connected to this wonderful divine source consciousness and recognize my own creative power in it. I realized that our subconscious mind is a key to connecting with this divine source and that there is no fate to which one is helpless. Instead, I realized that I make conscious choices and my subconscious and the divine wisdom and power support me in achieving them.

We live in a universe where everything is energy vibration: words, thoughts, feelings. And the spiritual law of cause and effect rules. The more aware I became of this in my daily life, the more I set the right causes, for what I wanted and want to experience positively in my life.

Let me accompany you on a part of your life journey. I help you to get back into your conscious creative power. I support you to develop a self-determined, positive and optimistic attitude towards life and you will achieve emotional, mental and spiritual freedom as well as healing of your soul.



„LIFE is an expression of JOY.“



Through my education and ongoing studies, I specialize in suggestive work with the subconscious mind, the transformative power of the spoken word, and the clearing of energetic resistance. I have in-depth knowledge and mental tools that enable the healing of the soul.


The wonderful effect of words
Words influence us on both a subconscious and conscious level. They have healing powers and can release blockages. Even Sigmund Freud spoke of the effect of words on our psyche. In the 1960s, James Mangan studied this topic intensively and found out that there are special „Switchwords“ that can achieve certain effects. Shunyam Nirav developed this work further, and now there are over 100 proven classic Switchwords.

A few years ago I became aware of these fascinating power words and my counseling work with Soul Power Words has seen the light of day. Soul Power Words are individual switching words that have energy frequencies that connect to your subconscious, your higher self and the field of consciousness (divine matrix).

Soul Power Words give you inspiration for healing injured parts of your soul, for dissolving conscious and unconscious blockages and programs, as a guide for new life experiences and for opening previously closed doors. They support decision-making, strengthen self-confidence and activate the creative power within you.


The meaning of Soul Power Words
Soul Power Words provide impulses for the next steps in your life and offer answers to your questions. They harmonize your life on a soul, mind and body level.


The use of Soul Power Words
The use of Soul Words combines divine impulses, a touch of mysticism, quantum physics, and modern consciousness science.

The Soul Power Word I give in a Soulword Channeling I receive through the divine source, they are divine inspirations for the healing and transformation of the soul.



„Even a word that is only thought is unheard and invisible – nevertheless, it exists in reality.“

– Dr. Joseph Murphy



Are you ready to start into your best life and bring divine changes into your life? I will be happy to support you. Write me an e-mail and book your Soul Word Channeling: office@sandraplanck.com.

With love,


Words create miracles!



„With your words you create your circumstances. Each word is a further seed through which you plant the garden of your life.“



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