What does your soul wants to tell you? Your soul wants to be noticed and healed.

My name is Sandra.
I am a spiritual life coach, mindset coach and specialist in the power of the spoken word. I support you to find and follow your soul path, to heal your soul and to harmonize your life.
Since 2018, I have been guiding people on the path to a happier and more fulfilling life.
My special gift is to encourage and empower people.

I help you to achieve a deeper soul connection and harmony in your life, while also learning to recognize and dissolve limiting beliefs, develop a new intuitive mindset and discover new possibilities to embrace.






My spiritual life consultation is focused on healing your soul and working suggestively with the subconscious.

A channelling of your soul word helps your soul to communicate.

Through your personal Soul Word Channelling, negative energy vibrations will be immediately transformed into positive ones.
The energy of your Soul Words helps to heal unconscious aspects of your soul that have a negative impact on your life and
may be an obstacle to living a peaceful and fulfilling life.

The Soul Word Channelling supports you in finding and walking your soul path, healing your soul and harmonizing your life.
Through a Soul Word Channelling you will get clarity about yourself, your current life situation, your soul path and your life purpose.

You will receive guidance and wisdom, heal emotional pain and gain new confidence and joy in life.

Let go of fears, stress and worries and find inner peace, self-love, happiness and ease.
I am happy to support you in this process.




A single word has the power to influence the genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.
– Andrew Neuberg, M.D. Neurowissenschaftler



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Bring positive changes into your life now through the energy of your Soul Words.
Powerful Switchwords that can shift your energy to create your heart’s desires.





„Thank you very much for your empathetic, wonderfully strengthening support in this personal crisis“

Monika Schön


„With her empathic and professional support, Sandra Planck has given me a wonderful tool to change situations quickly and effectively and to be and remain capable of action. Many thanks for this.“
Christina Bodendieck


„Sandra works competently and precisely. Thanks for the great advice on switchwords.“
Heike Schauberger




Let your Soul Words be your magic wand to beautify your life!



• support you in your personal development
• grow in self-love and self-care

• Strengthen your relationships
• promote your abilities, your well-being and your health
• help you in your professional life
• are practical and useful helpers for everyday situations




Bring positive movement into your life now!




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