Soul Reading „Your Soul Plan for the next months“

What may arise in the next 3, 6 or 12 months? Spiritual, Life, Career, Love?
Your Soul knows what you need now.

Written Soul Reading

Reading for 3 months – 29 € incl. VAT
                    6 months – 39 € incl. VAT
                 12 months – 69 € incl. VAT


A message from your Soul and the divine source, that shows you what your Soul want to.




I receive your Soul Words and the impulses that want to guide you in the next 3, 6 or 12 months. What is your soul theme and your soul plan?
💖 Your soul knows what is important now and what you need to move forward.

All the words and information I read in your field, I will share with you. Your soul message will guide you and you will be able to see how things are settling and harmonizing in your life.

The wonderful impulses of this reading will help you in many ways to positively change your life and realize your innermost wishes.

This soul reading provides spiritual and mental help, as I also give you coaching impulses for practical usage based on your soul message, so that you can truly experience the changes your soul desires.

Every time you use your Soul Words, you connect with the quantum field, expanding your consciousness and connection to universal energy.

The reading supports you in deleting old programs in your subconscious that do not serve you and creating new ones. It helps you connect with new quantum fields, brings healing, restoration, and opens new paths.

Whether it’s partnership, family, contacts, work, vocation, finances, self-realization, self-expression, creativity, fitness, recreation, or well-being, which area is important to you? The reading provides you with the support you need to achieve your goals.

At the same time, it is a miraculous energetic method for you to achieve what your heart desires. Receive wisdom in your issues and a loving guide for your next steps to experience positive change.



++ 📝 Booking, Payment and receiving your Reading ++

The consultation takes place in writing via e-mail. Payment is in advance.

Booking:  via email to

Payment: Cash in advance, via Paypal or bank transfer.

After confirmation of payment, I will send you your Reading within 1-2 days by e-mail.
You will receive a multi-page PDF document of your reading.


Additional: You want your personal Energy Healing Circle for your Soul Plan? I will be pleased to create your Energyhealing Circle.

You can book your Energy Healing Circle directly by email.
Costs for the Energy Healing Circle:  12 €.

For the Reading please tell me:

– Your full name (also birth name) 
– date of birth
– place of birth

Everything you tell me will be treated confidentially. Please also note my disclaimer at the bottom of this page.


Be blessed! 🙏🏼


Words creates miracles!





The card reading by Sandra was with a coherent result for me. The mail contact with her is really warm and detailed. I was inspired by Sandra! THANKS!
– Heiko




Soul Reading 3, 6 or 12 months

Written Soul Reading
Reading for 3 months – 29 € incl. VAT
                    6 months – 39 € incl. VAT
                 12 months – 69 € incl. VAT



On desire with your Energy Healing Circle as a image file additional 12 €.

This is an example of an energy healing circle. I intuitively create the energy healing image in form and color and with your Soul Words.




If you have any questions about the reading, please send me a message.







++ Disclaimer ++

This consultation is an individual consultation. Returns or exchanges are not possible and will not be accepted.

My counseling offer is a general life counseling. It is for the improvement of your quality of life.
It is intended for people who want to develop their potential or learn a new way of dealing with certain areas of life. If you suffer from acute health or mental illness, I recommend you to see a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist of your choice.
It is not a psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment.

I do not read for health prognosis, pregnancy, legal matters. The reading does not make any promises of healing.