Soul Reading with Chakra Harmonization

„Find and go your Soul Path“

75 €


Your energetic compass, that will guide you through your current life situation and manage your circumstances for your best.

The Soul Reading is by remote viewing.




Are you questioning whether a Soul Word Reading is right for you? Then ask yourself these questions:


🌟 Do you want a shift in your current life situation, but feel stuck?

🌟 Are you in doubt about how you can change your current life situation?

🌟 Are you facing an important decision and you are still lacking your conscious decision-making power? Do you want to solve your relationship problem? Change your situation at work? Have more happiness in your job? Find the sense in your life …

🌟 Or do you just want to know what your soul wants to tell you right now and find your soul path?





In this soul reading I see at what your soul and the divine source want to tell you and I read your aura to see which chakra needs to be harmonized now so that you can walk your soul path.

This message will guide you for 10-12 weeks and you will be amazed at what will settle and harmonize in your life.

The wonderful impulses of this reading will help you in many ways to change your life positively and to realize your innermost wishes.

Solve your life problems, find peace of mind, heal your heart and soul and discover new paths.

This Soul Word Reading with reading your chakra is your spiritual and mental help and also supports healing, restoration and opening new paths on a quantum level.

At the same time it is a miraculous energetic method for you to achieve what your heart desires.



✨ This spiritual reading supports you

• heal wounded parts of your soul

• to release unconscious blockages and conscious blockages
• resolve ancestral issues and get in touch with the unconscious mind
• to find the best way to reach your goal, to experience happiness and success
• to make the right decision

This effect is increased by balancing your chakra to be harmonized.


✨💖 For your Soul Reading I will create an Energy Healing Circle image that you will receive as an image file. 💖✨


++ 📝 This is how it will continue: Booking and receiving your reading ++

The consultation takes place in writing via Remote Viewing by e-mail. Payment is in advance.

Booking: Write an email to I send you a Confirmation.

Payment: Cash in advance or via Paypal or bank transfer.

After confirmation of payment, I will send you your reading with all the impulses and directions that the divine source gives me for you within 1-2 days by e-mail.

For the Reading please tell me:

– Your full name (also birth name) and
– your current name (if different).
– date of birth
– place of birth

Everything you share with me is covered by confidentiality and will be treated confidentially by me.


Be blessed! 🙏🏼


Mental Coach & Soul Guide
Words are doing miracles!






„For the second time now I have ordered the Soul Reading from Sandra. Also now for the second time within a few days my life has changed for the better. How can I say, everything is going smoothly and is working out for the best. Thank you for that, dear Sandra!“
– Sylke Holz




Soul Reading with Chakra Harmonization, Remote Viewing
Included is the creating of your Energy Healing Circle as a image file.
75 € incl. VAT






„Quick response, great advice! Very helpful. Helped me a lot.“ – Natascha R.


„Thank you so much for your sensitive, wonderfully empowering support in this personal crisis.“ – Monika Schön






++ Disclaimer ++
My counseling offer is a general life counseling. It is for the improvement of your quality of life.
It is intended for people who want to develop their potential or learn a new way of dealing with certain areas of life. If you suffer from acute health or mental illness, I recommend you to see a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist of your choice.
It is not a psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment.

I do not read for health prognosis, pregnancy, legal matters. The reading does not make any promises of healing.