Tarot & Lenormand Card Readings

Intuitive Readings to help you gain

more inspiration and more clarity for your life


Are you questioning whether a reading is right for you? Then ask yourself these questions:


🌟Are you looking for some insight into a work or personal situation?

🌟Do you feel uncertain about your next move?

🌟You need wisdom and help with a decision?



The cards give you suggestions on how you can reach a goal or how you can act to make your wish come true.




This reading provides clear clues for looking at your life situation.
If you want to gain an overview of the underlying theme that is currently dominating your life, this reading is excellent.
The reading gives you answers regarding your life situation, the effects of your past on your current situation, a view of what the future holds for you, as well as information about decisions you can make to influence your future.

You will receive the reading in writing by email as a PDF, including the photo of the cards that have been laid out.


What to expect:

The Cards often tells you what you NEED to know rather than what you think you WANT to know.
As your reader, I do my best to deliver the messages compassionately, but it is important to know that this is channelled information that I am passing on and I want to pass it on to you as clearly as possible.

Please note: The cards can be a guide for you. However, they do not give you a specific direction that you have to take in order to reach your goal.

When you’re ready to spark transformation or gain clarity, this reading is for you.


€ 70


💥 As an extra bonus, you’ll get a counseling tip from me on how to mentally support your issue positively.



Every reading is a little different – I don’t control what information comes through, so sometimes we end up exploring another topic that was not on your radar but is important to discuss in order to move forward in your life.

Readings give you suggestions and trend developments, illuminate backgrounds, are used to help assess a situation and give a short-term suggestion of what you can do next.

The statements of a card reading are not set in stone, because your future is not something that is ready-made. Your future always depends on how you create it, which means, which decisions you make. You can change the course of trends at any time.
The readings are snapshots and help you to recognize and understand the essentials. When you have recognized and understood, you can bring about positive changes.

YOU are the creator of your life and can always and at any time act as you feel in your heart and change and create your future.
It is important that you make your decisions and take your steps. You determine where your life journey goes.

Please note: In the readings I do not give information about fixed periods of time and I do not read for health issues or pregnancy.


QUESTIONS? EMAIL ME AT office@sandraplanck.com.

I look forward to supporting you in bringing positive movement into your life.